Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Great Men

I've just been reflecting on the really great men that God is allowing me to be around here. You guys have all heard Sarah talk about Peter Storey before, her professor at Duke, and he's amazing, but there are others. As I've been meeting with churches to create partnerships with Ubuntu I've met with some amazing men. Jeremy Koeries is a pastor here at Oceanview Baptist Church, where many of our friends attend. He's a great guy leading a great church. Last week I met with a young pastor named Martyn Kilian. He's only 26 and has been pastoring Simon's Town Baptist for about 3 years. He's doing a great job trying to change culture and lead his church into the future. Another man, Ronald Cronje, is a colored man leading a church, Maranatha Family Church, in the black township Masiphumelele. He's made great progress there in that community. Finally, I cycled today with a great American guy named Kelly Kosky. His family moved to South Africa 20 years ago to start African New Life Ministries. They have done amazing work over that period for the people of the Trans Sky region. And I even have to include the young leaders of Living Hope that are doing great work all over this place.
I'm confident in what God is doing here as he is raising up great men to lead this country forward. I believe that he is going to continue that work through Ubuntu Sports Outreach as he brings us great coaches who will then raise boys to be great men!


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