Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Book Review: Follow me to Freedom

I'm a little delayed in this book review, but it was a great book sent to me by my great friend Chris Sasser. Follow Me to Freedom was written by Shane Claiborne and John Perkins. Both men have been about changing their communities in unique ways. Perkins was involved in the civil rights movement and has been doing community development in poor areas of Mississippi since then. Claiborne has been living in a unique community in the poor areas of Philly for several years. So, they are from different generations, races, and ways of doing things; but both love God, the poor, and want to see communities changed.
This book was great for me at this particular time. So much of it was about leadership, vision, and serving. It really did strike specific chords in me about how I cast vision for Ubuntu, love the people serving along side of me, and move forward in a community like we live in. This book came at a fantastic time for me.
If you're interested in leadership, vision, service, the poor, or things of that nature, then you'll really enjoy this book. It's not only packed with great content, but has a fun conversational style.
Overall Grade: A-


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