Friday, January 15, 2010

Prayers for new missionaries

Our prayers today go out to our wonderful friends Caleb and Adrienne Weir and their son Ben, as they begin their journey to Papa New Guinea to work as missionaries. We have loved sharing this experience with them as they are from our home church, Grace Community in Raleigh. They are an incredible family with a deep passion for Jesus and we know God is going to use them mightily. Pray for them, for their VERY long journey to PNG and the beginning steps of creating a new life there.

Love you guys!

Casey and Sarah

The Weir family blog for their mission work in Papa New Guinea

Three clocks hanging in our kitchen: one for Cape Town time, one for Raleigh time back home, and one for time in Papa New Guinea, to think and pray for our friends Caleb, Adrienne, and Ben


Amy said...

Love the clocks! Great idea! Love you!!

Kerry said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH! We love you guys so much and look forward to sharing similar experiences with you. Thank you for your advice and prayers along the way. We miss you already!

BTW- This is Adrienne posting from Kerry's computer in PDX!!!!!!!