Thursday, January 21, 2010

L Family Update

Wow, today is a new day, and evidently God's fresh spirit made today new not only for me but also for the L family. I went to visit them this evening after hearing that Mr. L might be going TODAY to Living Hope. I came into a calm and happy room that had guests visiting. Mr. L was in some back pain, that has evidently escalated in the past 24 hours, but he was happy and joking with me. Mrs. L was also so much more light and lifted then she was yesterday and was also smiling and seemingly happy. They were waiting for an ambulance to take Mr. L to Living Hope and he was honestly ready to get there and be cared for by the doctors and nurses. It was astonishing and truly a different feel and spirit in that room - a true miracle! I really don't know how it happened, but I believe that God worked in both of them and made a way to help these people. Still many challenges ahead as I know it will be hard for both of them to be separate and harder for Mr. L to be away at a clinic, but I hope it will be for the best and they will come back together refreshed and stronger.

Thanks for the prayers and keep them coming!


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Kevin said...

Wow... what an amazing turnaround. No doubt you played a huge part in that. prayers going up for them and for you.