Monday, January 11, 2010

Heading Home

So sad as my parents are about to board their first plane to head back home to North Carolina after an incredible and jam-packed two weeks visiting us in South Africa. Uggghhh it SUCKED to say goodbye to them today! Yuck! I will post some pictures from the whole visit soon, but just thinking of them right now and sad that I won't get to see them until JULY. Just one of the harder sacrifices of this mission life - being so far from family.

Prayers for my parents as they travel home - and especially for my Dad as he is sick with a bad flu as be begins traveling!

Lots of love,

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Kim said...

Hello Sarah,
My name is Kim Vail and I am the bookkeeper at Carolinas Counseling Group. I work for your Mom. She is the sweetest lady I know. I have been following your blog and love watching what God is doing through your ministry. My husband was just on a trip to Liberia and Nigeria for 3 weeks teaching and training pastors. I can't imagine how sad it must have been to say goodbye to your parents.
Your mom keeps me posted on how y'all are doing and with that precious Kieren!
I will continue to pray for your ministry.