Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"You Would Always Stay Right By My Side"

So, we just had a "moment". We were busy cooking dinner and had some music going and we sat down to rest while our enchiladas baked. The song playing was called "I Could Run Away" by Enter the Worship Circle. Well, part of the lyrics are, "you would always stay right by my side". I sat down on the couch as those lines were being repeated and looked across from me to two frames with pictures of some important people to us. Now, admittedly, the song is about God, but the line just seemed perfect for these people. Each frames has two pictures. The first includes our family friends, The Kelly's, who we've grown very close to this year. The other has a photo of our good friend Jeff Wooten from our visit to the Grand Canyon last summer. Below that one is a photo of me and Chris Sasser; my ministry partner, friend, and mentor; from the Final Four in Detroit last spring. As I was connecting the line in the song with the people in these photos I got a little choked up.
Okay, it wasn't just a little. These people really have always been right by our side. Woo was by my side as I learned to drive. He was by my side leading mission trips to Mexico. And he was by our side as we made this move. When Kieren is around he usually isn't by our side, because he usually has taken her off on his own! Chris Sasser has been by my side through the death of my parents. He was by my side as I discerned my call to ministry. Sass was by my side doing ministry at Grace over the last 7 years. And he was also by our side supporting us through this move. It really is overwhelming the numbers of people that have been right by our side through this whole adventure. And it's amazing the ones that have taken a VERY personal investment in this whole thing.
As we talked about what I was so unsuspectedly feeling we realized something. It's not hard living HERE. We have a comfortable home, a beautiful healthy child, a call to do great ministry, and great people to do it with. It's just hard not living THERE. As we've shared the moments that we've been missing (Kevin's baby, Lauren's engagement, etc) that's really what we are saying. It's hard not being there. We are so happy here and really fulfilled. But man, we really wish we could be there for some things right now. Even the 24 hours-a-day Christmas music on MIX 101.5!
Thanks for continuing to allow us to share our hearts. Hopefully it helps you understand what we are really experiencing.


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