Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Just wanted to add on to Casey's last blog post. I was sharing the same sentiment as Casey yesterday, just really missing being 'home' for Christmas this year in order to share it with our family and friends. After Casey's emotional moment, our friend Mike Jenkins showed up for a planned dinner and we had a Mexican feast (seriously - I made yummy enchiladas!) and we talked until late in the night. He is such a great friend and we talked for hours about our community back home and Casey shared the whole story of his parents. One thing that 'Jenks' said early in the night was that this will now be our new life - always leaving behind people we love. BUT, the blessing of our lives is that even though we will always leave behind people we love, we can then trust that God has really great things for us here too. If that was so wonderful that God would ask us to leave it then it must mean that there are really wonderful things ahead. God showed the truth of that even last night, reminding me that he is already building wonderful things here through special people who walk this transition into our new life here with us. We are blessed.


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Amy said...

Miss you guys and can't relate (in some ways) to the transition you are going through. I had many similar feelings when I moved back to Orlando...which is certainly not another country, but I think the feelings can be felt similarly.

Check out this song...listen to the words. Sara Groves SERIOUSLY put into words what I couldn't during that time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSXciv06218

And, I'm glad that you have trusted friends there that you all can process with and talk to. Love you guys! Miss you!