Monday, December 7, 2009

We are sad to see Matt and Kate Berry leave lovely South Africa today. Both are from our home church in Raleigh; Matt has been here working with Living Hope for over two months and Kate, his mom, has come to visit him at end of his time of service. Matt has had an incredible time here and it's been so cool to share this place with him. Then Kate came about 10 days ago and brought her joy to our home and lives too! We have had some great times and many great pics, captured by Kate Sharing a couple below.

Lots of love,

Kate and Matt Berry

Cute Baby K After a Bath

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katieshobbie said...

loving catching up on your blog. i've had no time to sit and read everything until just now. technology is serously SUCH a blessing. i am so not taking for granted the fact that we (in the States) can all know in such detail what is going on with your sweet family. love y'all!