Sunday, December 6, 2009


On Sunday the conference I was attended came to a close, and WHEW I am exhausted! It was such a whirlwind as we were there three full days and two half days of lectures and workshops all about social justice issues. Most of the people there were INCREDIBLY intelligent and gifted and the work they had been doing all over the world was inspiring. I have so many thoughts and ideas floating through my head that I can't fall asleep at night and wake up too early! I have many contacts that I will keep in touch with and look forward to where some of the relationships will lead. What touched me most was the stories that were shared about people suffering through conflicts and violence on both large and small scales. Through our time you would hear about the hope that was still there and how people were remaking new lives out of the ashes. Desmond Tutu talked about our shared humanity and connectedness by referencing 'Ubunutu' and pushed us all to look for the hope and goodness that is found in every person because we are children of God. Last night we went to Hillsong Church again in downtown and it was a great time of worship for me as I could just bring all my head and heart to God. It is depressing and heartbreaking to hear of the suffering and pain people have and are enduring, so I just laid these people and stories out before God. But I was reminded by Him of His love and how His heart beats and breaks for these people, as well. When I reach out to them I am doing so with His power and love that can breathe new life where there is only death and darkness.

I would love your prayers and I know I am at the beginning of a new journey (duh), not just in being a missionary here in South Africa, but the next steps of my career and ministry path. For years I have felt a desire to continue school to get my PhD and teach in a college setting, as I love that environment and potential. In my college years I had incredible professors that walked along side me as teachers, mentors, and friends. Since that time God has put a stirring in me to do the same. So yeah, not sure what is next, but I'm going to begin pursuing what that might look like and we'll see where I end up.

I want to share the lyrics of the worship song from last night, as it gave me so much hope and reminded me of all I believe God wants to do here.

Lots of love,

Tear Down the Walls
Hillsong United

Tear down the walls see the world
Is there something we have missed
Turn from ourselves
Look beyond
There is so much more than this

And I don't need to see it to believe it
I don't need to see it to believe it
Cause I can't shake this
Fire deep inside my heart

Look to the skies hope arise
See His majesty revealed
More than this life there is love
There is hope and this is real

Cause I don't need to see it to believe it
I don't need to see it to believe it
Cause I can't shake this fire burning
Deep inside my heart

This life is Yours and hope is rising
As Your glory floods our hearts
Let love tear down these walls
That all creation would
Come back to You
It's all for You

Your Name is glorious
Your love is changing us
Calling us
To worship in spirit and in truth
As all creation returns to You

Oh for all the sons and daughters
Who are walking in the darkness
You are calling us to lead them back to You
We will see Your spirit rising
As the lost come out of hiding
Every heart will see this hope we have in You


Anonymous said...

forgive others but not yourself........................................

Kerry said...

it is inspiring to watch the beginnings unfold of all the wonderful things you are going to do Sarah Prince. I am so excited for you. Just like we have looked back so many times on my journey and when it started and all the moments when I was like, "um, no thank you" - and then be able to celebrate your successes and progress, etc. love you.