Monday, October 5, 2009

We're Here

We're here!! Flights were good. Got all of our luggage. Kieren was a trooper. She just hasn't slept for one really long stretch yet. Hoping she will now. We're all just Really tired now! Settled @ Torrance's house for the night. Thanks so much for them allowing us to stay at their house and for their friend Craig picking us up. Excited to get some serious sleep.
One quick fun story. We met the coolest guy on our plane today and hung out with him a lot. He was sitting with us on our first flight. Turns out he was on his way to Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilamanjaro!! That's extreme! We'll he's a physician, owns a bunch of urgent care centers in the triangle area and beyond, has done a lot of medical missions in Burkina Faso, and to top it all off played soccer at Methodist College. We hung out with him in Detroit, he was in the row behind us on the way to Amsterdam, and then we hung out for a few hours there together. It was so nice to have a friend and he was gracious to help us schlep all of Kieren's stuff around. He was also just so encouraging about what we're on our way here to do. So that was a nice bit of "ubuntu" happening in the midst of our day.
We so appreciate your prayers. Tomorrow we'll start trying to get settled. Get a bank account, looking for a car, finding a phone, making contact with Kyle (the pastor of the Methodist church), and hopefully going to see our house! We just totally can't believe we are HERE! It's totally unbelievable!
Please keep praying for us and pray specifically that Kieren would SLEEP! It's midnight here and she needs a good night of it.



Kerry said...

I JUST logged on to see if you guys posted anything, and HERE YOU ARE! YAY you made it, very exciting. So glad you got there safely. Love and miss you already!

cashmoney said...

yaaay! we are so excited for your family! please keep us posted - you are missed already!

Steve and Carol Parker said...

So glad you have arrived! By the way, love the baby giggles,Praying for you, Steve & Carol Parker

Heather & Matt said...

love love love you all! :)