Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our New World

Hello friends and family!

Well it is the beginning of our second day here at our new home in Cape Town. I am up early with Kieren just hanging out - somehow she has managed to get right back on schedule, waking up exactly at 7:30am both mornings here! Her parents have not felt as 'on schedule' but I certainly feel better after another night of sleep. We spent our first day yesterday jumping in very slowly as we had some serious jetlag. We met our friend Mike Jenkins (who is starting Ubuntu with Casey) for lunch at this cool place called 'Grean Beans.' It was so wonderful to catch up and hear about what God is doing in his life. And he invited us to a small group of sorts at a friends house for Wednesday night to meet some new friends and see some old. It doesn't take long to be quickly reminded of how open and hospitable South Africans are and we look forward to meeting many new people in the coming weeks. We then tried to begin looking for a phone which turned out to be not an easy task, so I decided to make a smaller goal of getting my favorite shortbread cookies and diet coke from the Woolworth food store. Success! We then met up later with our flat-mate from last year, Mandy and had dinner with her. It's so fun already to introduce these great friends to little Kieren! She is mostly in a good mood and is just a bit 'clingy' at times. Many of you heard via-facebook that she broke her first tooth out somewhere in transit to Africa - it's so strange to see it in her mouth now!

We aren't quite sure what today holds yet, but our biggest goal is to meet up with the pastor I will be working with, Kyle, and see if we can go to our house to begin the move-in process. Coming back here is such a strange mix of familiarity and newness all at the same time. We know exactly where we are but it feels SO different because this is now our home. I feel ready to move into our new house and begin to settle in - I feel like that will help me to find our 'place' here. So keep the prayers coming! There is so much to get adjusted to in this new world!

Love you all,

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