Friday, October 23, 2009

Getting Filled

This blog entry has a couple meanings. On a spiritual and emotional side, we are 'getting filled' up with some restful and enjoyable moments this week. On a baby side, Kieren literally 'filled' the tray on her stroller up with her own vomit. Twice. In public.

Since we were without a car for some of the week (don't worry, we did have the scooter, but just don't feel it's time yet for Kieren to join us on it...) we decided to take some walks and get out to see some people in our own community. At first, for me, it felt awkward to walk around, like we were obviously the only white people around and looking so different. But after a while we started to see some people we knew, and just relaxed and enjoyed our neighbors. I don't know if it's how they do it here, but we just say hello and talk to everyone around, and it's really fun. Bringing a piece of the 'South' over to Africa :) On Tuesday, Casey, Kieren, and I went to the support group for persons living with HIV that I helped lead last year. I told my friend, Bernadette, who lives in Ocean View and now leads the group, that I would be coming, but we surprised the rest of them. It was awesome and they grabbed up Kieren and passed her around. It was such a beautiful moment and I was so proud to share her with them and to begin a new way of life where she has many different kinds of friends. The reunion was wonderful and I hope to help lead that group again for this coming year to share time with those friends.

Kieren has been a bit sick with a stomach bug and fever and decided to share the contents of her stomach with us in two different public places on Wednesday. Since we were at the beginning of a busy day of errands and furniture shopping, we decided to bring our naked baby with us (okay, she did have a diaper, shoes, and bib on!). Memories. Kieren's stomach is a bit more settled today but she was still feverish and fussy. Prayers for her, but I'm sure she will be fine soon.

We look forward to connecting on Friday with some more people we working with at the AIDS organization, Living Hope, as they have training in the morning. It's so wonderful to reconnect with these friends, even if we won't be working alongside all of them anymore. This weekend we have a few different plans with friends and some fun stuff. We are blessed to have people we really love being with here, and they have been so gracious and loving to us through this transition – always asking how we are doing and praying for us!

Lots of love,

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Greg said...

Hope and Pray Kieran feels better soon!