Wednesday, December 31, 2008

On the Road Again...

At this point most everybody has heard about our new adventure and plans. We will be moving back to Cape Town in late August of 2009. Sarah will be working with Living Hope again and with a Methodist Church. But I'll be starting Ubuntu Football Ministries with a good friend, Mike Jenkins.
This week we got our first gift/contribution to Ubuntu Football Ministries from a couple here at our church. It was such a blessing and encouragement to feel like people really do believe in what we God has called us to. It felt like God was using this family to give us that little boost to keep going and get this thing started. I know it's the first of many times that God is going to surprise us with his plans, generosity, and wisdom. I'm excited to be a part of all of it!!
On December 14 I was given the opportunity to preach a mini-sermon here at Grace about how God is moving in my life and how that movement is leading us to Cape Town. The feedback was really encouraging and people seemed to be challenged by it. If you are interested in hearing it, hopefully it will be up on our church website soon. ( If it is not, and you want to hear it, let me know and I'll mail you a CD.
Thanks for all your encouragement and support. Please keep praying that God would move and provide for everything we need in the journey ahead!
Less than 2 weeks till Kieren should be here!! I can't believe the ways that my life will be transformed in that one moment!!



Allison said...

Guys, that's SO EXCITING!! Congrats, and may your travels and continuing adventures always be blessed. :-) Also, please keep a guest room ready...we'll make it back over there one of these days!

Tsamaeang hantle!!

Caleb and Adrienne said...

Happy New Year!