Thursday, December 25, 2008

Baby Kieren at 37 Weeks!

Hello friends and family and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Just an update on baby Kieren - we are at 37 weeks this week. Can you believe it?? She is now considered 'full term' and should be healthy and fully formed anytime she comes from here on out. Praise God! This week she is the size of a head of swiss chard (not the most appetizing of examples, I know, but the biggest!). She is still moving, but getting slower in there as there is SURELY less room for her to move around. I am continuing to feel relatively good, and I just keep pinching myself because I feel so lucky! She is definitely growing bigger and bigger, but I feel good and am keeping active and happy. Casey and I are just so overjoyed that we are getting closer, and we are just enjoying this peaceful season before we get to meet her. All is good!

Lots of love,

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