Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's a GIRL!!

Monday, August 18th, my world changed forever! I found out that I will be the father of a precious little girl!! Can you believe it?!?! I'm going to have a sweet, perfect, father-loving, little girl!! I'm so excited about this and it's making the pregnancy much more real. No longer is she "Sea Monkey" or "Alien", but she's a real person. With a heartbeat, a brain, some kidneys, a stomach, a spine, arms, legs, and even the beginning of woman parts! And best of all she has a name, Kieren Joy Prince. 'Keren' is the name of one of Job's daughters when he gets a family the second time. At that point those children were a true blessing to him as she will be to us. We added the 'i' to make it easier. Her middle name is from Sarah's grandmother, Joy, who just deserved to have someone named after her. Unfortunately 'Prince' is non-negotiable.
Sitting there watching the ultrasound was so mind boggling. It should be a worshipful experience to think that God is knitting together that child inside of Sarah. It's totally a miracle. I've been in awe of God since yesterday morning as I've continued to think of what he's creating there.
Please keep praying for Kieren. So far she seems to be healthy. She has long legs, 4 valves in her heart, a 3 veined cord, etc. Pray that she continues to grow like she should!
Here are some ultrasound pics. The first 3 are where you can notice that she's a girl! On the second one you can see her leg sticking out. She's basically mooning the camera, just like her Dad!

The next one is of her head tucked in towards her belly. The head is on the right.

This one is her head and body, but she's scratching her head with her arm. So, cool!

This final one can be a bit freaky. It's one of those more 3D images. You can see her arms and they are sort of in front of her face. I think that she's almost looking at the camera at this point.

This is such an incredible journey. I'm so thankful that I have an amazing woman to do it with. Thanks for all your support!!



Allison said...

Wow, CONGRATS you two! And it's a beautiful name! :-)

Caleb and Adrienne said...

is she bethrothed yet? i'm slowing building a harem for ben, so if you want in...

Anna said...

Congratulations Sarah & Casey! This is wonderful!

Amy said...

CANNOT wait to meet her!!!