Saturday, April 26, 2008

What is Compassion?

What is Compassion?

The answer becomes clear when we look at the word compassion, which literally means come (‘with’) passion (‘suffering’).

To have compassion is to suffer with.

It’s not feeling a detached pity but sharing the pain. Moving towards the compassionate experience makes us available with empathy to another.
Once divine compassion wakes up and stretches out its tender arms inside us, we’re never the same again.

We’re compelled to suffer with, wait with, cry with those around us. We want to relieve their as much as we’re able.
And by relieving theirs, we relieve God’s. We do it for no reason except that compassion asks it.

- Sue Monk Kidd, "The Heart That Waits"

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Alicia Collins said...

This is so special and touching....
Thanks for putting together the pictures and sayings. Compassion is one of my driving forces. How can you not feel closer to God when you unselfishly touch the heart of one that is hurting? I can't wait for your return, sweet daughter, love you so, Mom