Friday, April 25, 2008

Ajax 2 - Pirates 0

The night out to the soccer game with my friends from Masi was terrific. Picked Sonwabo and Monde’ up at Masi Baptist, we met Zuks as he got off the train in Fish Hoek, and had a quick dinner at KFC. Which, by the way, they love!! Then, we picked up our friend Andy (that you’ve been reading about) in town on our way to the game.

We got there early enough to get good seats as the stadium filled. Ajax Cape Town is a partner of traditional world soccer power, Ajax Amsterdam. The Orlando Pirates are one of the country’s traditional favorites. Ajax is fighting for first place this year while the Pirates are having an uncharacteristically poor season. In South Africa soccer is the sport predominately supported and played by blacks while whites have traditionally played more rugby and cricket. So, Andy and I were two of maybe 100 whites, which was awesome!

Ajax scored a nice goal off of a corner kick right before half time. Over the whole game they controlled play, had the most possession, and created the most chances to score. They got another goal late in the game as the Pirates were pushing up trying to score.

It was a great experience. Definitely pushed our relationship forward and gave us great time to talk. Thanks to everybody that contributed to my soccer ball fund and made it possible.

I forgot to take my camera, so I don’t have any pictures, sorry.


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Alicia Collins said...

Even though you forgot your camera I KNOW you are there in SA for a reason!! To develop these relationships and encourage the Lord in their lives!! Oh, and to hug on kids too!! You are the light and sunshine of Him to these people. I can't wait to give you a big mama hug in Raleigh,
love, Mother