Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Americans Beware: South Africans are COMING!

Hello everyone!

This week has again shown us a bit of sadness as we have had to let our friends Evan and Kerryn Torrance leave for America with their wonderful son, Cameron. They are going to Raleigh to visit the rest of the Torrance family who now live there - and whom many of you know! All you Grace people - be on the look out for these young Torrances! They have become special friends to us in our short time here, and the only place we would allow them to go while we are still here is to all of you incredible people in Raleigh :) Take good care of them, give them lots of hugs, punch Evan in the ribs for Casey, and give little Cameron lots of love for us! These are some good people - so get to know them and enjoy them while they are in Raleigh - they will be there the entire month of April!

Love you all - and miss you Torrances!

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Kerry said...

can't wait to meet them! welcome, south africans! :) kerry