Monday, March 31, 2008

God's whisper

Hey everyone,

So just wanted to share a quick update of what is happening with my friend Patricia, who I spoke about on the previous blog. I chose to not see her on Sunday and take a full break from ministry. Today I had an incredible training all day for support group leaders about how to motivate and empower people with chronic illnesses. It was incredible, hope to write more later. So long day, really tired, and I was about to walk to the internet cafe for some 'me' time when I felt God tugging on me and whispering 'Patricia.' So I said, Dude! God! I've had a long day, I am tired and have stuff tonight, can't I have some 'me' time?? (Not too much to ask I thought). Again, I heard 'Patricia.' So I begrudgingly went back upstairs, got the car keys, and drove to the clinic. We all KNOW that God wants to bless us and show us His glory, but can it be on our time?? Immediately walking into the clinic I felt joy and refreshment, I have really begun to befriend the patients there! I love to see them smile and talk about their day. I found Patricia, and she is still alive, but looks noticeably thinner and was barely awake. I touched her hand and she jumped and then smiled to see me. She could talk a bit more today and we chatted some as I held her hand and stroked her hair. She asked if I enjoyed coming to see her, and I said I loved to see her. She said she loved to see me too. Wow, what a gift, you have no idea. I now wonder if she asked me this because her family visited her on Saturday, and they honestly didn't look that happy to be there. I wonder if it was a strain to them, and maybe she wanted to know if I really wanted to be there. She talked about how they thought she would die days earlier, but she is still here. We just smiled and talked a bit, and I just was present with her. Seriously, I felt really present, there was no place I would have rather been. As I started to say goodbye, she said she would wait for me. I don't know why this was striking to me, but it really was. She might have just meant she would wait in her bed to see me tomorrow, when I promised to come back. She might have absolutely no idea what she was saying; this mostly likely. It struck me, however, as something sacred that was being said beyond even her. Like God was telling me that she would wait for me in heaven. Maybe that's exactly what she meant. Maybe I am super over-emotional and created it. Either way, I receive the gift from God of my friend, Patricia, and sharing these moments with her. And there is not a thing in the world that would have brought me more joy this evening. God knows our hearts and our needs and desires to meet them all, but I think He loves to surprise us too. Listen to His whispers, because He is leading us to places we would never expect, to see and experience things we could never hope or imagine. God is SO good. Keep Patricia in your prayers, that she wouldn't have pain and would feel great peace.

Love you all!


Fred said...

Sarah & Casey,

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Your account of your time with Patricia is especially touching and inspirational.

Thanks for being the hands and feet of Christ!

Jim Collins said...

Sarah & Casey,
Your last few blog entries have left me at a loss for words. it is so humbling to see the two of you focusing only on God and His plans for you and not your own. I know the people you have come in contact with also feel the presence of God and have been touched by Him through the two of you. I also God is smiling on both of you and saying to the angels around Him, see, they will listen. What an example you are to all of us.

I love you!

Kevin said...

Wow... no words. beautiful experience and interpretation of "I'll wait for you." Thanks Sarah.