Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Video we made for Grace youth

Hey guys!

We wanted to share this video with you - we made it for the youth at Grace at one of the townships here called Red Hill. There will be more to come! Love you all!


Becky C. said...

Great video! We miss you guys. Visited Lance with Doug yesterday and he's fine. Take care.

Love ya,

Becky C.

Jenny said...

So good to see your faces and hear your voices from Africa. We are thrilled to hear about what is going on with you and can't wait to hear about it in person soon.

Love you both!
Jenny (Alan too)

Steve M said...

Now that I am all back to my daily grind... it's cool to imagine extending my journey through you two by keeping up with the blog.

Say hi to Stanton and the Red Hill kids from all of us here at Rolling Hills.