Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Feeling Like Ester!

“…And who knows but that you have come to this position for such a time as this.” Esther 4:14b

Today we finally got to meet our supervisor, Avril. She and her husband, John (the founder of Living Hope) were gallivanting around the States meeting with supporters, having meetings with other organizations, speaking at a missions conference, and visiting the White House at their invitation. They obviously weren’t really gallivanting, they were very busy. But it was so good to finally meet her.
But that’s where it starts getting hectic. We went in at 8am thinking we’d be there an hour maybe a little more. At 11:30am we were leaving her office! It was an incredible meeting of her realizing our skills, interests, and passions; and then her connecting them to some projects and initiatives that really need those exact skills, interests, and passions. It was actually very weird watching how much God has particularly fit us for this time in Living Hope’s history. It really did feel like Esther. I know that sounds so presumptuous to compare yourself to a major, heroic Biblical character; but it just felt like that.
The things that she really wants me to be working on are perfect for me. When the school term ends in 2 weeks they have a 3-week break. During that time Living Hope does “Holiday Clubs”. I’m going to help plan the club for Red Hill, the community that Stanton leads. Specifically with that club I’m going to be recruiting and developing leaders for that club, hoping that many of them will continue throughout the year to be leaders with the Kids Club, which I’ll continue to develop. Most of those volunteers will be teenagers from that same community. I’m excited about that opportunity, because over the long term it will really help Stanton.
Then, as I’ve been telling you, I’m going to help develop the Program for the Teenage Clubs. That will mean helping to establish a real vision, set of goals, and specifics for curriculum. I’m going to work with some specific Life Skills Educators that are passionate about the teenagers. The goal is to have this all done by April 30th so that we have two weeks to play with it and have it final by the time we leave! I’m super excited about that! Please be praying for it, though. There are parts of it that feel so over-my-head. I feel more like it should be Sass or Brian doing it, but I know that God has equipped me to do it as I’ve learned so much from those two great men over the years.
I think just giving those things away to me would have made Avril’s day because the teen clubs have just been running on their own for a few months without any real guidance or design. Now, we can establish that.
But, then she started talking with Sarah, and man, God just made Avril’s day. Avril is in charge of the whole “prevention” side of Living Hope, of which both Life Skills Educators and Support Group Leaders fall under. Sarah started sharing how she’s loved the Support Groups and how she’s already realized that they need more training and pastoring. Well, that’s something that Avril has realized that they needed, but didn’t know how to make it happen. We all know how amazing Sarah is at shepherding people both individually and as small groups. And, it’s amazing how God is using the work she did over the last year or so with coordinating small groups. Essentially that’s what she’s going to be doing here: coaching leaders! So, basically God is combining her passions (the poor and broken) with her skills and abilities (shepherding, counseling, and coaching). Isn’t that hectic?!?! God is amazing! I honestly have only seen Him move in such amazing ways like this a few times in my life. So, I’m just totally thrown off my horse by this.
Sarah is going to continue visiting with patients in the clinic. She’s also going to continue leading her support group, while adding another group to her schedule. She’s also going to organize a resource library for support group leaders. And, of course, she’ll get dragged into EVERYTHING I’m doing (as you all have seen before).
It was the most amazing meeting and a great day! Again, it’s so humbling to feel like you are doing anything worthwhile that might actually matter in bringing “thy Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven.”
At the same time I’m continuing to be humbled as I watch the amazing job that Jeff Cash and Sass are doing with the High School Ministry. Has everybody seen the music video they did? If you haven’t, you have to go to and check it out. It’s incredible!
So, this is a really long post, but God deserved it! Please keep praying for us. We are REALLY going to need it now!



Kevin said...

Hey buddy - So, I saw your video, and don't take it too personally about the comment thing.:-) Your blog was awesome and very moving, as was Sarah's, so I was also kind of wondering (on your behalf) why she was getting all the comment love, and I think I've solved the mystery... it's all about the timing. See when we wake up and see your blog, you and Sarah have already posted, hers being the most recent, so she gets the comments. That's all I got... but dude, come on, seriously, not to get sappy on you, but it's definitely not "your lack of amazingness," as you and Sarah are both stocked up on that side of things.

All that being said, I truly was amazed as I read your blog - God definitely brought you two over there at exactly the right time (remember when you were going to wait until Summer, and then you were both just like "Why not Spring??") That God fella is crazy (hectic, even) and your both so obedient. How cool that you are getting to feel and see how perfect you are to fit the needs there!?!?!

Wow - long comment - my bad. Tell Tre and Lauren hello and have a blast with them this week!

much love and many prayers,

And yes, you'll be in the NCAA pool, no worries.

Jeff said... are my hero. I mean your posts totally blow Sarah's away. You are probably the most amazing wordsmith I know. :)
Okay, seriously though. I think it is awesome what is going on there. I am in constant prayer for you all. I know it is hectic, but I'm sure it is also very peaceful finding your purpose there. I can tell you one thing, none of us here are surprised that your supervisor grabbed you both and immediately put you to work. Yalls gifts are too powerful and strong to be left dormant or unused for any period of time. I love you, and miss you both.