Monday, March 3, 2008

There was a Jim Collins sighting

On Saturday we visited Robben Island. Home to the prison for Political prisoners during Apartheid. A place where Nelson Mandela spent 18 of his 27 years in captivity. It's a very interesting place and we learned a lot. However, and you can hear all about this on a video that we are posting on a subsequent blog, the tour wasn't exactly a thing of beauty. After arriving back at the Cape Town waterfront about 2 hours late, we headed right to the information counter to request a refund. This is where I saw Jim Collins. Except this time it was in the form of his very own daughter! I've trained much of this part of Jim out of Sarah over our almost 6 years of marriage. But this time I was glad that "Jim" showed up. She marched right over to the counter, filled out the complaint form, spoke to somebody in charge, got his name and phone number, and told him exactly what she expected (a full refund, of course). It was a thing of beauty, especially because she did it with class and grace.

We'll keep you updated on any other Jim Collins sightings.

Our camera battery died at Robben Island so we have to wait and get pictures from one of the guys from the Nashville group, but this is one from the Waterfront that we just had to include. You may have to double click it so that it blows up and you can see it clearly.


Kevin said...

Haha - wow! "business from the front, party from the rear" Got to be the first (and thus the best) mullet/rat-tail/dreads combo I've ever seen. The "Rat-Dreads Mullett" doesn't sound too catchy though.

Casey, you could totally rock that one, but please leave it over there. :-) much love and prayers for you both.

Lauren said...

Wow!I always thought she had my mom in her! I am so proud of her, for stading up for you guys, which is also an "Alicia" thing to do. Thanks for the video, its cool to hear your voices! Love you both, SEE YOU SOON!!!