Friday, February 29, 2008

Pictures from Living Hope Retreat

A group of Living Hope life-skill educators. These are incredible young people that work with kids and teens teaching them life skills for a full life and sharing the love and power of Jesus Christ.

Casey and Stanton, a life skill educator he is working with.


Jim Collins said...

I must admit that at times, we really don't know how to be thankful for all God has done. I have tears in my eyes!

Really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Is that Casey??? Making a video??? I love it. I knew you could do it. Most importantly I love the awesome images of our God's creation and his Spirit moving all across the planet. I'm so thankful that you guys get to experience it all. Don't worry...prayers keep coming your way. Love you!


Katie said...

Sarah & Casey,
Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us. I love your blog! The pics, videos and updates are great!
We are remembering you in prayer- asking that God will keep his hand of protection over you, and empower you through the Holy Spirit to accomplish His Will in every situation and encounter. We pray that God blesses you to overflowing, as you continue to bless others.
(Those children sure are beautiful!) :-)
In Christ,
Katie, Matt, and Jacob
Louisville, KY