Sunday, March 23, 2008

Married to Jesus

I haven’t become a heretic, bought into the Davinci Code, and decided that Jesus was married. It’s just that sometimes I feel like I’m married to Him (her). This isn’t some sweet platitude about how intimate I am with Jesus. It’s a bit of a stretch…
The majority of you know what’s like to be around Sarah. She makes you feel better about life, about yourself, and about your faith in a savior named Jesus of Nazareth. The city of Cape Town is quickly learning what it’s like to be around her. And it’s been almost healing for them to be near her. Sarah has started counseling several women here. These women have real problems. They all live in poverty for starters. One was raped as a child. One woman is mistreated by her parents. One lady’s kids are stealing from her. Another woman is being abused by her husband. Word seems to be getting out about Sarah. That she has some sort of healing touch (it’s because she is pointing them to JESUS). When I hear about their struggles I’m so dumbfounded as to what I would say. How I would “fix” their problems. But she doesn’t do that. She can’t fix their problems. She just keeps pointing them to Jesus. He’s the only one that can heal them. But it’s just amazing to watch as the women request these meetings with her and walk away transformed. It really reminds me of stories in the Gospels when people did all sorts of things to see or touch Jesus. They climbed trees, the dug through a roof; they lost all their dignity. Whatever it took to be near Jesus they did it! And it feels like the word is spreading. “If you talk to the cute American girl something will happen.” What will happen is that she will point them to the only thing that can ever heal their pain, Jesus Christ our Lord, the one that conquered the Grave!
Sarah will be embarrassed that I posted this, but it’s true, and it’s just been amazing to watch her “light shine before all men”. She’s been a star, in the Ephesians 3 sense. For so many of us she’s been pointing us to Jesus for a long time, I’m just thankful that now the Southern Peninsula of Cape Town gets to experience it, too.
Cheers, Casey


Jim Collins said...

Casey, I have always loved watching Sarah and have never been able to put it into words and now you have. I may always regret not coming to South Africa to be with you both but I can watch through your eyes. Thanks so much for sharing what I too have always seen, God working so clearly through her. (and you too by the way, I have been able to witness that first hand).

I love you both! Dad

Kerry said...

wonderful words Casey. thanks so much for being vulnerable and sharing that with all of us! i can't wait to hear sarah's side of what you're doing. ;) i'm sure it's super awesome.

love you both! kfc

Kevin said...

Great post Casey, and beautifully worded, as others have said. I am amazed constantly at the way you BOTH point to Christ in every aspect of your life - each in your own unique ways.

I have seen you make a whole crowd of high schoolers (and others) laugh, cry, and just "get it" all it one talk about some difficult spiritual or life concept, in ways no one else could. And I've seen Sarah reach people on a personal level they've never felt with another human before... together you 2 are like God's "Dream Team" out there!

What an awesome Easter gift you've written for us... so we can see and know how know God's people are still pointing others to Jesus all over the world, 2000 years after He smacked death in the face (and won)!
much love,
the KBells

Brooklyn's Blog said...

Casey, from knowing what a rock star you were even as a "kid" in high school, I had no doubt you would end up with an incredible woman to fulfill your other half. Sarah sounds amazing and your words and transparently deep love for her are absolutely beautiful. It only makes me happier and happier for what you guys are experiencing in S. Africa! Best, Brooke

Alicia Collins said...

I have always known this, as Sarah brought James and I to Christ when she was "saved" in high school. It is Sarah that encouraged her parents and sister to seek Him in Lakelalnd, FL. She leads me to Jesus as she and I run errans together as I visit you both in Raleigh, just in our conversations. Yes, I know and have felt her "light".
How happy it makes me feel to know she has such a Godly man as her husband, who is not threatened by the attention she creates, but knows it is Jesus in her. You also reach others she can not reach. Yes, you are a Godly team!!
Love you both, Mom Collins

Lauren said...

Wow! Thats all I can say, is wow! You really captured Sarah's gifts into one great story. I was truly touched by your words. I have to agree 100% and I know we talked about this while I was there. I am just glad that you appreciate her and are man enough to handle her amazingness. I know when we were younger, I couldn't handle it, and was very jealous. The reason she is so amazing is because she allows God to work in every aspect of her life. I am so thankful for her now, and love the way you two work together. Love you both! cheers!