Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Blessings

Just as many of you were finally going to bed after some nail-biting NCAA tournament games (we are so jealous) we were going to an Easter sunrise service with the church we attend here, King of Kings. We were blessed all day as we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord! Thought we would share the great pics - God is good!

We begin with worship songs as it is still dark

One of the pastors is giving a short message as the sun continues to rise...

There were two beautiful baptisms that morning, what a gift!

The sun has risen and our Lord is risen indeed!

We missed celebrating our Lord with you all this Easter, and you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers! We send you MUCH love!

Casey and Sarah


Kevin said...

Not gunna lie, watching UCLA and Stanford eek out last-second wins to keep my bracket alive was fun... missed watchin it with ya. But WOW, not even close to an experience like you guys had with the beautiful sunrise, service, and baptisms...
thanks for sharing the gorgeous pics!

Alicia Collins said...

thanks for sharing these amazing pictures!! And to also get to see two baptisms!!! I missed you both, but was so happy to praise Him on Sunday.
love and miss you, Mom