Saturday, March 8, 2008

I need's almost an emergency

So, I need some serious prayers. Last night, Friday, we were having a lovely dinner with Evan and Kerryn Torrance (refer back a few posts) and some of their friends. After dinner the conversation turned to how one of the guys, Frank, was riding in the Cape Argus this weekend. If you remember from my post about my new bike the Cape Argus is the WORLD'S LARGEST BIKE RACE!! So, out of nowhere, Evan says, "Casey you should ride the Argus. Mark (their pastor) isn't using his entry. You should use it and ride." After many laughs and much conversation I somehow got talked into it!!
So, on Sunday morning, about 10am (3am there) I'll take off in the World's Biggest Bike Race for about a 5 hour ride! It starts in City Center of Cape Town and continues all the way to Cape Point at the end of the Southern Peninsula, up around the other side of the peninsula, up two giant mountains, and back to Green Point Stadium. Total of 109klms, about 65 miles!! I know, what am I thinking?? I'm crazy!! But what an amazing opportunity to see Cape Town and to say that I'm going to be part of such an amazing tradition. The guys I'm riding with (Frank and his buddies) are riding casually, so I'm confident that I won't die.
However, I would cherish your prayers. 5 hours is a long time to ride a bike!! And the temperature should be close to 80 tomorrow. So, get up early and pray hard! We'll definitely post pictures and maybe even some video after the race. For info about the race check this website:

Gotta go, we're off to go Rock Climbing with our flat mate, Mandy. It's "Flat-Bonding Day."



Alicia Collins said...

Yes, I will pray for you, and Yes, it IS an amazing opportunity!!! Just keep it casual and you will be fine. Wow!!! I will be with you all day!!
love you so, Mother

Steve M said...

Casey -
Good luck on the race, how unfortunate we left two days too soon. I am personally so upset that I don't have a chance to cheer you on and check out those hot spandex shorts (not!)....don't forget your band-aids and remember to ask Jakes for her nipple cream.


Velvet Elvis said...
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Mallory said...

I'm praying for you! Definitely!! It's SO exciting!! Can't wait to see pictures and hear more about it!

Love y'all!!