Monday, March 10, 2008

I did it and lived to tell about it…

The Team Before the Race
It’s over! I did it! I completed the World’s Largest AND Most Scenic Bike Race. I did it with a group of Frank’s friends (see earlier post for who Frank is). There were a total of six of us, 5 dudes and 1 lady. We all wore a balloon on our helmet so that got us lots of attention. The four other guys had something that sort of looked like scaled spikes on their helmets. Sort of like they were stegosauruses. 3 of the guys and myself finished the race together in just under 6 hours. For most of the race we all tried to stay together and it just wasn’t working. So, we separated before the final of the two really terrible hills.
All in all, it was a fantastic experience!! I’m really glad I did it. It was definitely a great challenge, but I prayed a lot and really felt God’s presence. All day I had great strength and endurance that only He could give. One time in particular He really hooked me up. Over the last 33 kms there are two giant climbs. The first one is called Chapman’s Peak. At the beginning of it there is a short section they call Little Chappy. When we started that first part my left hamstring started cramping like crazy. I was really nervous that it was only going to get worse and never stop. I just started begging God to take it away. And miraculously we fought it off together. I rode strong up Chapman’s Peak and the rest of the way.
It’s such a fantastic course and the scenery is often breath-taking ( and not just because you are riding a bike). I wish I could explain it in such a way that would do it justice. And it’s such a spectacle. 35,000 riders and it seems like the WHOLE city is out there cheering you on. My favorite place to ride was through Ocean View, which is one of the Townships where Living Hope works, you’ve read about it on the blog. It felt like their whole community was out on the roads. And they were excited. I rode through there just screaming, “Ocean View!!” or “I Love Ocean View!!” They loved that and gave me some great cheers!

All of this was part of a fantastic weekend! On Saturday we went Rock Climbing with our flat-mate Mandy at a place called Silvermine. Also, breathtaking!! It was such an incredible place to climb and Mandy was so patient in teaching and helping us. And Sarah is an amazing climber. She was totally shredding that cliff! I was so inspired by her! That night we had dinner with Mandy to complete Flat-Bonding Day!!

What an incredible weekend!! Dinner with the Torrances and new friends on Friday, flat-bonding on Saturday, and racing in the Cape Argus on Sunday. I have no idea why God is so good to us!! But I’m thankful that he is.

Now, let’s pray that I can still move tomorrow and that I’m still this positive about the race!!

Thanks for the prayers,

Riding Through Hout Bay

Rock Climbing
Casey helping Sarah

Us with Mandy

This is the view from where we were climbing. That's the Indian Ocean in the background!


David said...

Wow Casey you are a complete Ironman. :) Totally amazing if you ask me. Just awesome to hear about the weekend. And Sarah is a rock climber. You guys just rock. Get it. Rock. :) LOL Ok so that was not very funny.

Steve M said...

Casey, glad to hear you completed the Argus...esp when you haven't been training for it. Now remember, ibuprofen will be your friend for the next few days, 600-800mg every 6 hours with food will probably help with the consequences.

Alicia Collins said...

Casey and Sarah,
All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!
Love you both so much, Mom

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