Thursday, February 21, 2008

We're here

We arrived in South Africa safe and sound. Bags got here and everything. We had a great seafood dinner and look forward to a great night's sleep. Tomorrow we are touring the Apartheid museum and Soweto before flying off to Cape Town.
Thanks for praying.

Casey & Sarah


Kavanaugh616 said...

Well, I created a "blog" entitled "not really a blog" because I do not intend on being a blogger...however since SOMEBODY doesn't allow anonymous posts, these are the lengths I have to go to in order to say YAY!!!!!! YOU'RE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been thinking about you guys forever! Well, since yesterday 4pm...and praying and I'm so happy you are there with all your luggage...seriously that is a miracle within itself! I can't wait to read your posts. Enjoy the museum. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David said...

Hey guys. Glad to hear you made it safely. I cant wait to read more about your adventures. We should call it "There and Back Again: The Daring Adventures of the Prince's".

jeffcash said...

We are so glad that you are there, and we both miss you already! Keep me updated on everything so we can keep praying for specifics. Also, I (Jeff) want to make sure I keep the youth updated too, b/c I know they are always dying to know everything!

Love you both,
Jeff and Brooke Cash

Chris said...

CJ Prayed for you guys last night...and we all miss you already. So glad you made it and keep the updates coming! Sass

Velvet Elvis said...
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