Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's finally here...

It's now the afternoon on the day before we leave. As we prepare to board a plane in the morning it's just been amazing how supportive and encouraging everybody has been to us. It's been totally humbling. Our community has loved us, supported us financially, bathed us in prayer! We can't even handle it. We definitely don't deserve all of it.
Last week, on Valentine's Day, Kerry and David Mandulak organized a surprise party to honor Sarah's work with the Young Adult Ministry at Grace. It was incredible to have everybody there to celebrate that. And, we were definitely surprised!!
Pray for us as we leave tomorrow. 10:45am to Atlanta and then we leave ATL at 4pm for our 18 hours of flying to Johannesburg. We spend the night in Jo-burg and tour there on Friday. Friday we fly from Jo-Burg to Cape Town.
We're so excited!!

Love you all!
Casey & Sarah

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littlecaptain48 said...

My heart is full of hope, love and a little fear (but that is the mom in me. God speed.
Love you both