Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stayed Tuned

This is a week of planning and preparing and visioning.  I am SO. EXCITED.

One of the things that is brewing is some women's ministry that I am working with Hillsong to build.  We want to work with women in the townships around Cape Town bring them together and build them as great women of God.  

What we have found in Ocean View is that there are so many amazing women of God.  But they are often alone.  Struggling.  Carrying the weight of so much.  Bring them together to love, believe in, and encourage each other and something HUGE happens.  It's been SIMPLE but PROFOUND in Ocean View.

We want to go into other townships and bring togehter women of God, mentor and encourage them, and build women's ministries. 

It's a big vision, but we love women and want to build them up to see the beautiful women of God that they are.  

I have seen it in Ocean View.  I can't wait to see it all over this city.  

It's going to be beautiful.  Stay tuned.

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