Thursday, June 9, 2011


We have the best community in Ocean View.  We are SO. BLESSED.

Our neighbors down the street are the Kallis family with four generations of wonderful women all in one house (until this past year when the youngest Jamie went to medical school!).  They are EPICLY amazing and love Kieren so much.  So they come by and 'fetch' her frequently and even the extended Kallis family loves Kieren.  The 'mom,' Heidi takes Kieren to see her sister Lynn and she says Kiers is the daughter she never had (she has two adorable and rambunctious boys).  SO. SWEET.  Oh my gosh I just love them all so much. 

Today I realized Heidi recently put up a TON of Kieren pics on facebook.  Seriously, they are basically like family, they love Kiers so much.  SO. SWEET.

We are blessed.

Heidi and Jamie Kallis with Kallis cousins Adam and Liam and Kiers

Umm the theme is that she is ALWAYS eating at the Kallis home.  A bit spoiled and a LOT loved.
 So special.

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