Thursday, June 2, 2011

Meet the Interns!

We have two ridiculously cool college students volunteering with us this summer, making them somehow our 'interns'!!  They are amazing and helping us SO much already!  Just wanted to introduce them to you!
Hi!  I'm Alison Gamble.  I'm from Raleigh, NC and I go to UNC-CH, also known as the University of National Champions.  :)  I have a twin sister, named Christine, who is also very focused on missions and has a heart for Africa.  She is now currently serving in Zambia. My mom also lives in Raleigh and is very involved in our church there, Grace Community Church.
 I decided to come to South Africa, because I came here for the first time two years ago and fell in love with the country.  This summer I had the opportunity to come back to Africa and was so excited for the chance to be back in South Africa.  I have a non-profit organization called Love for the Sake of Love that connects college students to ministries in the developing world, so I want to use my time in Africa to find new organizations to partner with, as well as learning more about Casey and Sarah's ministries.
God has opened my eyes to the importance of living with those I serve and I think living in Ocean View and learning from Casey and Sarah will do just that.  I'm hoping God will use this time to teach me how to serve humbly and love others like Christ did.  As the co-founder of a non-profit, I also want to use this time to learn how other organizations operate.

Hey, I'm Doug Wegman. I'm from Raleigh, NC. I go to North Carolina State University (Woo! Go Wolfpack!). My family also lives in Raleigh. I have one brother who turned 18. His name is Tyler. I love to play golf, read my bible, and long walks on the beach.
I came to South Africa because I have always had a heart for mission, doing two mission trips to Cuba when i was in high school, and last summer God called me to leave the US and go (where ever that meant). I had originally planned to go to South East Asia this summer with a group based out of Atlanta, GA, but God closed that door and opened this door to coming to South Africa after meeting Alison in December. God provided a way to come here, so I am determined to make the best of it and do whatever the Holy Spirit leads me to do while i'm here
I haven't traveled in a long time, and do not know exactly what it takes to be a missionary, so I think God wants to teach me exactly those things. He has called me to live outside of my comfort zone in the US, so I think he is going to show me exactly how uncomfortable or comfortable life as a missionary may be. Also, through the long and arduous process of raising support, God has taught me how faithful he is in providing for his loved ones. Through raising support, he has humbled me, and from seeing money come in and not come in, I have gained more faith along the way. Also while I'm here, I also just want to serve in whatever way possible, leaving any "lessons" or "opportunities for me to learn from or experience completely up to God.

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