Monday, June 13, 2011

Enter At Your Own Risk

On Friday, we went to the Westlake township, to see a kids club that runs there on Friday afternoons.  They had almost 400 kids running around that gym and it was CHAOS PERSONIFIED.  Seriously never witnessed anything so crazy; but it was a beautiful environment for these kids to grow and learn about Jesus.  But whoa.  Crazy.

As we left, I noticed this brick wall, which was the entrance to one part of the township.  I was struck by what was painted on the wall:
"Enter At Your Own Risk"
Can you imagine if that was the sign at the front of your neighborhood?

What does it do to one's psyche and identity to have your community marked as a 'risk' to any who want to enter?  This is the realities of people growing up in this desperate and hostile townships - there are risks around every corner and it is many times too harsh to survive or thrive.  

My heart broke once again and my vision continues to expand of how to create environments of love, peace, joy, and belief for these people who only know risk, danger, violence, and darkness.  We can see pieces of heaven on this earth - I see it all the time in Ocean View.  We need more.  The journey continues...


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