Friday, June 10, 2011

Best Day Ever

Yesterday we had a YEAH moment.  We had a 'this is WHY we do this' moment.  We had a major GOD moment.

We were hanging out at home doing different things; kids and people in and out of the house like usual.  All of a sudden I realize Kyle is at our house (totally normal everyday occurance) but his grandmother is also at our house sitting on our front lawn.  So Casey and I both go out to speak with her.  She won't come inside but she wants to talk with us.

She proceeds to tells us a MILLION different things, and pours at her broken heart, as best she can.  

Kyle had a note sent home from school that he was being disrespectful to his teachers.  His schoolwork is good, but he is just disrespecting his teachers.  So his granny went to school to find out more details and was overwhelmed with emotion about the situation.  

She told us multiple times in front of Kyle that his mother doesn't care about him.  She took one look at the note and threw it on the floor.  Grandmother said she has reared him since he was a child because his mom have never cared.

This is all TRUE but we were both just cringing as she was saying this in front of our sweet Kyle.  Of course he knows it, but how painful must it be to hear it out loud.  Ugghh.

So she was just at a loss, and asking us what she should do.  Wanting our advice.  Wanting our help.  She decided to take away soccer for a bit because it's what he loves the most (true) but just so desperate to get through to him about how important school is.

She kept asking him to 'tell me' what is the problem.  'Talk to me now, we are listeing.  Tell me.  TELL ME.'  Kyle eventually just started crying.  Who even knows why.  His broken heart probably has no idea either.  With no dad and a mom who doesn't care and a granny who cares some but is just mad I would cry too.  All the time.

So we told her we would talk with Kyle about it today some more.  We would keep working with him.  We told her we believed in him.  We think God has a special future for him.  He is a special kid.

One of the sweetest things she said.  She says that Kyle loves us so much.  She couldn't even articulate the love, so she said that he thinks we are Mrs. World and Mr. World.  So. Sweet.

I can't articulate in words how much I love Kyle.  Today Casey already talked with him about the situation, and we have learned that Kyle likes to be the class clown, and he is going to work on being respectful.  Even he knows there is so much ahead.

"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us..."  -Ephesians 3:20


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