Sunday, May 29, 2011

We Like to Party

Another epic bash at the Prince home this weekend

This year it was "Sarah's Birthday Brinner" where we also celebrated a year since Kieren's accident and all the miracles God did in our life.

Brinner is breakfast for dinner.  Duh.

Our house was PACKED.  No, seriously crazy packed.

It was our own 'Rainbow Nation' of friends that we love so dearly.  I just kept saying all night as people were like, 'WHAT IS THIS??' that we are just SO blessed.

Hanging in the lounge

Talking with friends

Awww, here I was just reading a really sweet gift that we got from some great friends - a night away at a fancy place for Casey and I!  So amazing!

Our summer interns/slaves were hard at work.  This is Alison Gamble and Doug Wegman is somewhere nearby.  They are here to volunteer with Ubuntu and live in OV this month.  They ended up making dinner for a million people last night.  They were EPIC.  Double their salary.

Kiers and I with our sweet friend Rita

Missionary friends!  Karl Ostrand with daughter Jenson and Noah Kaye both serving Jesus beautifully!

So many great friends!  Danielle, Wayne, Marc and Katie, Laural, and Amy

I tried to take this pic like 3 times and people kept jumping in.  It's of the besties Michael and Casey, this time with an added does of Treswill.

Crazy kitchen.

My girls Kieren and her bestie Bailey

One of our worship guys at OV Methodist, Uncle Jonny, showed up and was filming.  WHY is he wearing a Santa hat??

Sarah and the brown daughters (they are now both ours and spent the night after the party) Minky and Ntokozo

New friends bonding: Roger, Cindy, and Allison

It was such an amazing night.  Special.  So many helped all night to make food and insure everyone was having a good time.  Chaos.  Big mess.  So much fun.

Our community here is beautiful.  We are blessed.

Some friends brought cards and presents and I opened a few last night.  Humbled by their generosity and kind and generous words to me.  I am loved so much more than I could ever deserve.  I woke up this morning wondering who I could now bless because I am filled to the brim.



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Ubuntu Sports Outreach blog said...

Sarah didn't mention in the blog that everybody had to wear pajamas because the party was a Birthday Brinner Bonanza. So, that's why everybody looks a bit 'casual'.