Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gang Life

We saw an unbelievable documentary this weekend.  It's a BBC show called 'Ross Kemp on Gangs' and this guy goes around the world to study the gang culture and life - pretty intense, right??

Intense doesn't even begin to cover it.  This show was an incredible and unimaginable look into the Poolsmoor Prison that is 30 minutes from our home.  DEFINITELY people are there from Ocean View.  In prison gangs run and rule.  We learned so much we never wanted to know, but it's a harsh reality to South Africa these days that can't be ignored.  People are desperate to make a living and belong and so they turn to the family of gangs; one day finding themselves drowning in drugs and violence.  The clip below was the most haunting, of one of the gang leaders named John Mongrel.

WARNING: explicit and harsh content

We are thankful that the gang culture isn't too big in Ocean View, but it definitely exists.  Ultimately after watching the video my heart was even more ignited for this country and those that are lost and falling between the cracks.  God is real and He CAN save.  I believe it.  We are seeing it.

The journey continues and we will see so many more come into the light.

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ashley lovell said...

mr malgas!!! he's one of the few christian wardens working in pollsmoor. a really wonderful man :)