Monday, May 16, 2011


Serious.  She is just cuteness personified.
This picture was taken after a girl brunch with some of my favorite ladies here and Kiers.  She was so good the whole time and just hung out because she LOVES these friends.  Sweet.
Great Saturday, great weekend.
Lots of naps and rests and time in our peaceful home.  It was just great.

Kieren is the most hilarious person ever right now by the way.  And the sweetest.

Every night in bed we ask her, "who do you want to pray for?"  Then she gives a list, "Kyle, Vano, Keegan... Jensen's mommy and Jensen's daddy (our great friends Julie and Karl)...Treswill and Cindy...and Stacy....and Steven and Charmaine....and granny and Lita...."
It goes on for a while.  SWEET.

Love my life,

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