Friday, May 20, 2011

Communion in my Community

Did you know that 'communion' actually comes from the word 'community?'  When the first church celebrated the Lord's Supper, they did so within a meal and sat around a table, sharing the 'body' and 'blood' of Christ with one another.  There is a poignant beauty in this, in remembering and receiving from Jesus at the table with one another.

We decided to bring this back last night at my women's group.

We learned last night from John 6 about the Eucharist and what Jesus meant when he told us to 'eat of his flesh and drink his blood.'  Super intense thoughts, but Jesus was taking it REALLY seriously by inviting us to take Him in to every part of us.  He wants HIS LIFE to flow through our veins, and guts, and hearts.  A beautiful thing.

We shared communion last night by passing it around and serving one another.  It began a bit awkward, with some giggles, but ended in tears and holy silence.  Just beautiful.  

God showed up and my ladies DEFINITELY showed up.  I am honored to serve with and to them.  

Check my notes from my teaching time below.


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