Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Praises!

Wow, what an Easter!  We are still recovering from a FULL day of celebrating with so many people we love on this Easter Sunday.  As Casey and I prayed last night before going to sleep, we both just were in awe of the community God has given us here; truly they are family.  Most people think it's CRAZY that we have two church families (we do too!), but it is compltely ordained that God would bring us into two different, diverse, and unique churches.  We started the morning with Ocean View Methodist and had a lovely time with our View family.  LOVE. MY. CHURCH.  Kyle preached an incredible sermon about how "the King has one more move" and we should ALWAYS hold out hope for God STILL to work because of the ressurection of Jesus Christ.  Shook me!  Then we traveled all the way in town for Hillsong Church Easter celebration and it was just perfectly beautiful.  So in love with this church family too and privileged to see God at work there!  THEN headed back to the South for a huge braii (BBQ) with a bunch of friends!  WOW, such a lovely time with our 'family' here - we really have incredible friends.  They are fun.  And make yummy food.  :)  Quick rest and then out to Ocean View Baptist for a big youth event called Xtreme Xplosion with about 250 pumped up View peeps.  It was a worship and hip-hop event - just crazy and fun.  So cool.  It was great to take a bunch of our youth there and see them just in awe of a crazy awesome church - and right here in Ocean View.  We love this community and how more and more it feels like home.  We love that we are so loved and supported here.  We love celebrating a RISEN Christ with these people and seeing that power at work more and more each day.

Happy Easter everyone!

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Karen said...

Those of us who love you back home in the US like to think you have three church families:)