Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Praises

Wow, what a weekend.  Wow, WOW.  Just so thankful for our lives.  

On Friday night we planned an outing for the Ocean View youth we are now leading, and took them all the way to the city for Hillsong Youth.  We went a bit early and had boerie rolls (sausage rolls) and hung out with everyone, then stayed for CRAZY youth service.  It. Was. INSANE.  There was like almost 200 youth packed in a room, jumping, singing, praising, and loving life.  Some of our kids hung out in the back, but most were in the middle of the pack sweating and jumping.  At one point I hung with Ntokozo as she dragged and jumped and sang with her cousin, Minky, who came for the FIRST time to anything we had at our church.  Great message given by one of their great youth leaders, and at the end he said a prayer for anyone that wanted to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  To my surprise, Minky (cousin) went down to the front with another girl who has been hanging with us a lot, named Nosi.  WOW!  I was overwhelmed, and went with them to talk afterwards.  The girls happened to be in our car (praise) (oh and also so cool that Minky didn't even ride with her cousin, Ntokozo) and the two girls were HYPER and so happy.  It was beautiful.  They had both been around church most of their lives, but this was the first time they really wanted it for themselves.  They were alive and it was beautiful.  That is what it's all about.

(From left) Nosi, Ntokozo, Minky, and Cleo

Aaron, Reece, KIERS!, Joslyn, and Tracy

Aaron and Cleo

Saturday was a fun family day.  Minky spent the night and her and Ntokozo just hung around the house most of the day, which I think was what they both needed - REST!  I took Kieren to the birthday party of Bailey, her bestie, who was turning THREE.  All the way there (run to the grocery store included) Kieren talked about Bailey and practiced singing her happy birthday.  Love this little girl (Bailey, she is so sweet and happy) and her and Kieren love each other.  Also cool because this family is in the process of adopting a little African boy named Lacona, also three.  So Kieren loves to talk about 'Cona' and Bailey.  LOVE THEM.  The party was on an ESTATE with horses, pool, little river, cake, scavenger hunt, bubbles, heaven.  So cute.  Then went home for naps (all skate on this) and then met Casey at the beach for some more family time (he had SOCCER all day - fun!).  Finished the night with Ntokozo watching Kieren (which they both love) while we headed for a beach b-day party for one of our great friends, Wayne, and then a NO KIDS dinner with the Ostrand's who we love.  Did we mention no kids?  Yeah, it was nice.  Sunday we woke up, stopped by View church, but then went to an earlier service at Hillsong.  We took some friends who are really struggling, as the husband has found himself in a cycle of drug abuse.  It was BEAUTIFUL to see them at Hillsong because they really opened up and let God love on them during the worship.  I was all in tears.  Great message that really hit home for them.  It really renewed my hope in God that no one is too far to come back to Him and no sin is too big to be forgiven.  Love it.  Then Sunday we just HUNG out like all day.  WOO HOO!  Epic naps happened for all, and our friend Michael Jenkins came over for soccer watching while we had a spaghetti dinner (home-made sauce by Sarah??  What what!!).  It was nice and relaxing, and Casey and I even got to de-brief the week a little bit and talk some 'strategy' to make sure things all work and we get enough time together in this crazy season.  That is most important in all of it; making sure our family is healthy and loving each other.

So great!  Excited for the week ahead and all God is going to do!  Can't wait!


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