Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Teaching DONE!

You GUYZZZZ!?!?  Can you believe it - my first class of teaching is OVER!  That's right, my class is all done.  At Cornerstone Institute they work in 8-week modules instead of semesters, so we are all packed up.  Yesterday I had my final class and the students were paired up to do presentations.  They were asked to created a multi-media creative ministry presentation based on a passage of their choosing from the book of Revelation.  It counts (with a proposal, paper, and presentation) for 40% of their grade, and they were SUPER nervous about it - I think because I was SO excited about it.  I really wanted them to push themselves, be creative, and try to really engage their 'audience' in the passage.  

WOW.  They couldn't have blown me away any more.  The presentations were superb and I was so proud of them.  So proud.

Some highlights.  One group made a cake with this picture from the story of the woman and the serpent in Revelation 12:
Put THAT on your kids' next birthday cake.
Another group had a 'skit' where the son was listening to an Iron Maiden "The Number of the Beast" and the mom comes in to break up the loud music and then explains the real meaning of Revelation 12-13 and the 'beast.'
If you want to take a trip back or be really freaked out, watch the video:

There were so many other amazing parts of the presentations, I was just awestruck.  They really brought to life this ignored and complicated book of the Bible and we ALL left so hopeful and energized.  Ultimately, God is victorious in the battle against evil and no matter what we face we can be assured that our God will WIN!  Great stuff.  I closed the class, and found myself very caught up in the realization that I had the privilege of teaching and molding the minds of these great future leaders in the church and beyond in Africa.  These people are going to change the world and impact so many others, and hopefully I played a small part in that.  It was just amazing.  So now stay tuned to see if I get asked back?!?  I really hope and pray there is so much more to come.

Lots of love,

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