Friday, March 4, 2011

History Maker

Last night was our women's group once again, and we finished with a story I honestly think I will never forget.  I have always been drawn to the human rights issue of 'trafficking' but it is never been something I have come in close contact with.  There is prostitution in Ocean View and even kidnapping at times, but nothing I have been affected with personally.  Until last night.

As I shared last week on the blog, one of the great women of this group is a mother named Pam.  She is an incredible woman of God, working through many things, but I have always thought about her 'God is going to use this lady for something incredible.'  The time has come.

Our time together was coming to a close, and Pam asked if she could share something.  She told us an unbelievable story about her daughter, Anessa, whom we  had lifted prayer on behalf of for months.  She is only fourteen and involved in partying and sneaking out on a regular basis.  Last weekend she snuck off and then didn't return on Sunday, like she  usually does.  On Monday morning, Pam went to the police station, and went to all her friends to investigate where she could be.  Her mind was, of course, going to the worst possibilities, but she continued to claim her thoughts in Christ and believe that God was protecting her.  One of Anessa's young friends told Pam on Monday that she knew where she had been over the weekend, at a party in Hout Bay.  This is a seaside town near the city, and I had no idea what it mean, but evidently it has a reputation, as one of the townships have begun to prostitute and traffic young girls there.  Because of what she knew, Pam immediately took that girl and some police to the township, knocking on every door looking for her child.  She was begging and pleading with everyone, especially the mothers, to help her.  They found nothing, and went home that night discouraged and helpless.  Wednesday morning they had still heard nothing, and Pam, her husband, and two other young girls gathering for prayer.  There were tears shed, but as they prayed, Pam had a vision of Anessa as a young girl and a few other kids playing under a light.  She knew it was her daughter and that God was watching them.  Minutes later the police called from Hout Bay and had her daughter.  She went to the police station to find four teenage girls with glares and attitudes and took her daughter and one other home.  Unfortunately the parents of the other girl wouldn't even open the door to meet her, and the other parents didn't care either that their children had narrowly missed being prostituted or worse.

Evidently, what happens is these guys host parties in this township with free booze, and bring vans to Ocean View to invite the young girls.  They come to the party, and there the men 'sample' them (not even sure what this means...but I have some guesses) and then everyone stays at different homes in the townships.  The next day if they like you, you are invited back.  Anessa was IN THE HOME of one of these men, as they had chosen and 'liked' her.  At the last minute, he invited all the girls from Ocean View and minutes later the police came and released them all.    A mother had seen Anessa and recognized her after Pam had come by with all the picture.  

Amazing that Anessa is alive.  Amazing that the police found her.  Amazing that these girls were safe.  Amazing that Anessa is fine (doctor says all is good).  Amazing that God gave Pam a vision of these four girls being in light and they were safe. 

Pam says that now she is just thankful that God allowed all this to happen because God has increased her faith.

And mine.

Now Pam is on a mission to shut down this ring of prostitution and trafficking.  Evidently the girls are not prostituted in that township (like what happens here in the View), but are taken away to other places never to return.  She told the police they better shut this down or she will.  

What was amazing was how calm she was.  How obviously full of faith and strength she was.  It was like hearing about a movie, and Pam was the incredibly courageous mother who changes history.  Except it is real.  

Amazing.  So honored to minister to this woman; to know this woman.

History is changing; the kingdom of God is coming and making wrong things right.  And Pam is on the front line.

Is there some history to be made in your world?  I bet there is...


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Lydia said...


Thank you so much for sharing this - I would love to know some practical things we in the States could do to help. I will be praying along with you for Annessa and her mother's fight against prostitution.