Friday, March 11, 2011

Glimpes of the View This Week

Sharing some images of the week of Kieren and her View buds

Here are three of the girls who live on our street who hang out with us a LOT recently.  Kiers loves them and cries EVERY TIME they leave!
They turned into mini-gansters for the pics...

Kieren playing with her buddy Akeelah

Doing some frog jumps in the yard

Painting nails

Kieren and Dante hanging out on Wednesday during the Ash Wednesday service at our house.  Evidently Dante is making her dinner in her kitchen.  It's getting serious...

1 comment:

katie said...

okay, the nail-painting picture. can't. handle. it. i want to kiss her pointy little toes...made my heart melt how the big toes are just barely touching each other. oh man. and, she'll hate me for this if it actually happens, but can she please keep the belly until she's like 14? it's possible she could be the only soccer star on the field with a gut and still look adorable, right?