Sunday, March 20, 2011


We always love sharing about what we are doing here in South Africa, and we are quick to say it takes a large army to make all this happen.  We are not just trying to be humble; we actually need a LOT of people to make our life here in South Africa work.  Last week we were reminded of that as our friend Wes Ward from Raleigh got to come for a quick visit while on business here in SA.  We packed the poor guy down like a pack mule with books, electronics, and toys (those were a surprise!).  Wes' wife, Suzanne has been a friend of Casey's FOREVS in Raleigh, and we love this wonderful family with their two little one's Taylor and Will.  Tay Tay (as I call her) sent Kiers the most AMAZING present, a Dora music player (basically kid ipod, genius!).  She plays it EVERY day and we already know all the Dora jamz.  Is it weird that she calls it her 'phone' and tries to call and take pictures with it?  Anyways it was a great time to reconnect and hear from our friend.  Again humbled by the support and love we receive and SO aware that we could never do this without our American community.  If this is YOU then know you are LOVED, prayed for, and we are SO GRATEFUL for you!


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