Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Book Review by Sarah

We were given a book recently by a new friend Noah Kaye and told it reminded him of us.  Always lovers of platitudes and praise, we were excited to read this book, Sub-merge by John B. Hayes, about living and serving among the poor.  However, pretty early in the reading I realized the book was about people living among the poor, but with a deep and profound spirituality that humbled me to my core.  This book speaks of a group called InnerCHANGE who live and serve in 7 various poor communities around the world including San Francisco and Los Angles.  The author, Hayes, was living in East LA when the riots broke out in the early 90’s, and shares many other incredible and providential times in life and ministry among the poor. I loved hearing about LA because I have always likened our community to one you would find in LA, where my mother grew up as a Mexican-American.   Hayes follows the journey of himself and his ministry group as they live, work, move, and see transformation in many forgotten places.  The vision he gives I clearly see but the ways in which he loves and intentionally reaches out to work with people has humbled me to my core.  If you have any interest in knowing WHY we do what we do, or desire to minister in difficult places read this book and join a great journey.  Wow, this was a great one!

Overall grade: A

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Anonymous said...

Dang Sarah, as if my reading list weren't long enough already ... Now I gotta add this to it. Thanks for the heads-up -- sounds intesting.