Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We have a need!

We have a need for volunteers, a serious need!  As Ubuntu Sports Outreach grows we need more help!  We have a few specific needs and we invite you to pray about filling that need.  Or maybe you can think of somebody that would be perfect for this.
The first need we have is for someone that likes to work behind the scenes, can help with some organizational & administrative stuff, and likes to write and communicate with people.  Do you have experience writing reports or stories?  Are you good at the details?  This area is growing the more we do, especially as we try to raise significant funds to support Ubuntu Football Academy.  Can you come help us for 3, 6, or 12 months?  (This is a need NOW.)
We also need volunteers to help with our schools programs.  Each school program is run by a local volunteer, but those programs would be enhanced with the assistance and encouragement of a foreign volunteer.  You'll provide needed energy and credibility to the team.  Are you good with kids?  Do you like spending time building relationships & serving?  Come join us for a year.  What about a gap year, taking a year off from school, or right after graduation?  (This is a need now, and ongoing, on a year to year basis.)
Finally, we'll be looking for guys with significant coaching backgrounds to come and increase our coaching staff with the Academy.  This is for guys with some significant playing and/or coaching experience.  Have you ever wanted to serve Jesus through soccer?  Do you want to nurture the next great leaders in Africa?  (This is a need in 2012 and beyond.)
Well, there it is, we have a need, and we're trusting God that you're going to fill it.  Let us know if you're interested or have questions.


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Amy said...

UGH. Wish I could come right this second. If I can help with admin/writing stuff from here please let me know.