Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kieren's First Report Card

Want a snapshot into the world of an African preschool?  Well Kieren's is pretty great, and today they sent home her 'report card.'  I know not all moms are this lame and put up their kids report cards on their blogs (next is a bumper sticker that says my daughter is better than you and your kids...) but I can't help myself.  Her school is so great, and obviously, so is Kieren!


Kerry said...

Henry starts daycare tomorrow at this place in our neighborhood - SO EXCITED. hope he gets a good report card too. he only is in for 2 days a week right now (been on the waitlist since JUNE, hi, welcome to portland infant care) but at least we have our foot in the door. we visited on monday and he had a blast. EEKS! big parenting milestone!

Karen said...

Aw! So sweet! She is such a big girl now getting a report card!

lynette said...