Thursday, February 17, 2011


This week we had to say goodbye to a family that we have grown very close to during our time in South Africa.  Casey and I met Antoine and Mathy Musemena in 2008 when we were serving with Living Hope.  Antoine was working for Living Hope as a support group leader, and I journeyed with Mathy as she worked through the trauma and grief of her flee from the Congo to South Africa.  They became close friends and were an incredible example of life in Christ and faith lived out to us.  We reunited in 2009 and have shared many special life moments since.  We have seen the tragedy of them losing their baby daughter, Lauren, they prayed with us as Kieren fought through her burns, and we have celebrated the many great things God has done.  Ever since I have known them they have always been clear that their call was to return to the Congo, a place where they were almost killed, threatened, and persecuted beyond anything I can imagine.  The Congolese were THEIR people and God wanted them there.  Finally, the time has come, and this week they are returning back to their homeland to start a non-profit called 'The Good Shephard' that will serve and love the people they care for so deeply.  Their faith is exemplary and their lives are completely surrendered the the will of God.  It is humbling and a beautiful thing to watch.  My heart broke a bit on Sunday to give hugs and love as we said goodbye, but I believe we will meet again, and even minister side-by-side.  Antoine and Casey discussed how beautiful it would be if we could minister with them in the Congo, and how profound it would be to have white people in a place where they had never seen anyone like us.  So now I have a new dream, to see them living this beautiful life in their home and they unthinkable ways God is using their faith and devotion.  It is going to be incredible, but it still all began with many tearful goodbyes this week.  Please pray for this beautiful family, Antoine and Mathy Musemena and their kids Onesie and Christ.

Lots of love,

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