Friday, January 28, 2011

Women's Bible Study

Hello everyone!

Last night we had our first night of the new format of our Women's Bible study for Ocean View!  It is amazing to really be getting this started after MANY months of prayer and planning and discussion about this!  We had many new women from other churches which is such an answer to prayer.  I led my time of teaching (notes below) and really felt excited about it - and so encouraged when it was over!  Something new that you haven't seen or done before can be a bit overwhelming, so now that we have done one week of teaching and small groups I can 'see' it all so much better now.  My missionary friend Leigh Myers took one group and I took the other, and we discussed and prayed with the women for the rest of our time together.  It was passionate, open, and inspiring.  What more could you ask for!  It's so fun to see things moving in 2011!  Now that we are here in this year, we are experiencing all that we hoped as this year begun!  God is moving and there is much more ahead!

Lots of love,

Here is the link to my notes from week on of my 'John: Light of My Life"

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