Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sleep Strike

Kieren is on a sleep strike.  We are in the heart of the battle.  Her battle cry is 'AHHHH!'  Or 'more!!'  (more what, we don't know).  Or 'uppie!!' (she wants us to pick her up).  Last night she was awake from about 1am to 6am.  Yeah....  About that.

So today should be interesting.  Casey was up with her most of the night, but I too jumped into the war at times.  Not sure if anything we say or do will be intelligible, but we'll keep you posted.

On another note, Ntokozo is HOME!  We picked her up from the Cape Town bus station Saturday afternoon.  She has been gone for about 5 weeks, and is a bit shy with us, but slowly opening up more.  One thing that has really helped is that Kieren is REALLY HAPPY she is home.  She keeps running to her and hugging her legs, kissing her, and shouting for her 'sissy' to come throughout the house.  It is adorable.  Makes the sleep war hard because she is so stinkin cute the rest of the day. 

But we parents WILL BE VICTORIOUS!

We will not back down!  (too much....)

We will not give in!  (tonight, for sure, last night was hard...)

We will win this war!  (Please God we hope!  We need sleep!!  We are not as cute and funny as Kieren, just grumpy and old, so we can't get by like this!!  Lord help us!!).

And together let us say, "Lord, hear our prayers." 


Lots of love,


Billy & Megan said...

i know (sort of) how you feel - shep has decided to give up napping. about a year earlier than we had expected, but what can you do?! praying kieren begins sleeping through the night again...

katie said...

is she still in a crib? if so, then just LEAVE HER THERE. if not, get a baby gate and leave her in her room. try really hard to give her as little attention as possible so that there is NOTHING gratifying to her for being awake. she'll be fine figuring out how to fall back asleep on her own. good luck!! sleep is definitely one of the most frustrating parts of raising kiddos.